I, Frank Naquin, 34 years old, found myself in a very strange series of events that brought me to where I am now. It was around 15 years ago when I first met Michael Woods as his 3rd year high school chemistry teacher back in school. He had the strangest interest in creating different mixtures of chemicals but he always listened to all the rules. Or at least he listened to the rules whenever he wasn’t listening to his music on his earphones.

I heard about his incident but he had already graduated from my class. After this, it was kind of a boring life for me.But in 2015, I found myself in a car accident that broke my right leg, dislocated my right shoulder, and a damaged eardrum that left me with tinnitus. Within a week of being diagnosed, Mike came over to comfort me and gave some advice. He also gave me his new product, which would help people like me out. It was at this point wherein I asked to join his team. Since then I have been working as his data scientist. I would handle all forecast and all data that their company would need to run. I met the rest of the team Mike had formed and all I can say is that I love each and every one of them and they are like family to me.

In 2016, Mike founded Quart, an herbal remedies company that is 100% made by Americans and launched Tranquillis, a 100% all natural herbal remedy to treat your tinnitus, as our first product. We aim to not only delivery quality products to everyone all over the world but also offer tranquility and peace of mind to all individuals. Since then, we have been looking for different herbal applications to offer remedies to improve your quality of life.